joshua aaron

Maryland native Joshua Samuel Aaron is being sought by the FBI for masterminding the largest online bank robbery ever, a data theft crime that affected 100 million customers and netted Aaron and his co-conspirators hundreds of millions of dollars.

Aaron was born in Maryland and went on to attend Florida State University, where he met Anthony Murgio, a fellow member of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity and the man who would later become his co-conspirator. As young men, Aaron and Murgio were involved in a whole bunch of sleazy schemes involving the internet and fast money. They spent quite a bit of time in Israel and Russia.

This week, federal prosecutors announced charges against Aaron and two others in what they’re calling the largest hacking case ever, one that involved 30 fake passports, 75 shell companies, and — of course — Swiss bank accounts. Aaron’s two co-conspirators, both Israeli citizens, are in custody; only Aaron is at large. If you know where he is, I’m sure the FBI would appreciate hearing from you.