Look, I know that climate change is just a hoax, and even if it’s real, it’s not man-made, and anyway, so what — the earth goes through changes, man — massive changes in the weather never hurt anyone.  But being something of a left-wing nut I’m happy that Maryland schools is receiving funding from the National Science Foundation to teach about the pathological disaster fantasies of a few wacked-out, atheist scientists — you know, “global warming.”

The following includes translations for climate-change skeptics in parentheses: The multi-million-dollar initiative will bring together scientists and teachers to craft lesson plans that educate (indoctrinate) students on the complex (far-fetched) issue of climate change (alleged global summering). The lessons (liberal propaganda) will be incorporated into existing science courses for grades 8-12.

Climate change is so contentious that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to stop funding the National Science Foundation for previous efforts to raise awareness of the issue. Luckily (for the godless commies at the NSF) the Senate didn’t go along with it.

As blue as Maryland is, it will be interesting to see this program play out in public schools.