Maryland House Boasts World’s Most Intense Halloween Display

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Have you noticed Halloween displays becoming more and more elaborate in recent years? It’s almost as though people have started preparing for their insane Christmas displays with a warm-up version in October.

In any case, if there were a contest for “wackiest Halloween display,” this insane house in Odenton would win, hands down.

So, this house features a pink-and-orange light show that makes it look s though the house itself is singing/dancing to “All About the Bass.” It creates an effect that’s hard to describe with words; why not just see the house in action in the video below?

According to the Capital Gazette, homeowner Bryan Hagan spent eight hours programming all those pumpkins to sing along. That’s not counting the actual work of hanging the lights. The whole light show lasts 30 minutes and includes “Thriller” and a whole bunch of other Halloween and/or pop favorites.

The light show plays from 7 – 9 PM every night through Halloween at the Hagan house, which is at the intersection of Ice Crystal Court and Symphony Lane in Odenton. Tune your car radio to 98.5 FM to hear the musical accompaniment.

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