At a gala dinner in Greenbelt — not a party, mind you, a gala — Gov. Martin O’Malley announced that President Obama will be swinging by Baltimore June 12 for a fundraiser event, which according to The Baltimore Sun will take place “at a private home.” I hope it’s not my home — we’ve only got like six plates. (At one point in the gala, O’Malley led the crowd in a chant of “forward, not back!” I still think my suggestion, “our guy, not the other guy!” has a stronger ring to it.)

Don’t be surprised if this June stop ends up being Obama’s only Maryland visit this elecion cycle. The President will likely focus most of his energy on states that are not so “reliably blue.” And you know, that kind of thing really gets to me. Here we are voting ourselves silly for this guy, and he can’t be bothered to stop by more than once.

This is just classic relationship stuff. We have to learn to be less “reliable,” less available. The president would respect us more. So remember, Maryland, fill up your schedule with social engagements. And when the president asks what you’re doing on the 12th, tell him you have a couple things in the pipeline. Make him work for it.