Maryland Just Made Falconry Cheaper

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Last year, H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald’s memoir about training a goshawk, became a surprising bestseller, further intensifying the falconry trend. (Yes, falconry is trendy. Hadn’t you heard?)

If you’re a wannabe falconer, you’ll be happy to hear that the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has made it cheaper to fly falcons, lowering the price of an annual permit from $25 to $10. They also lowered the fee you have to pay to capture a peregrine for falconry purposes to $10 from $25.

That said… it’s easier said than done. And if you’re really serious about hunting with falcons in Maryland, you should know that there’s also a complicated system involving tests, sponsorships, and inspections. But if you’ve ever been tempted, now might be your moment.

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