Maryland Man Siphons Millions from Trump Campaign

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I have to admit… this is kind of a brilliant move.

So far this year, a PAC offering donors a chance to win a dinner with Donald Trump has netted more than a million dollars in campaign donations. There’s just one catch: As far as everyone can tell, none of that money has actually made it into the Trump campaign coffers. Instead, it seems as though it’s being diverted to businesses owned by Ian Hawes, a 25-year-old Maryland man. Hawes’s various PACs (he also runs — not to be confused with Trump’s  have raised $1.1 million in donations from 21,253 donors, Politico reports. All the donors that Politico got in touch with thought they were giving their money to the official Trump campaign–not surprising, since Hawes very closely copied the campaign’s design and slogans. When Politico asked Hawes if he was running a scam, he said that the similarity between the real Trump sites and his own is “simply a matter of pure chance.”

Hawes’s brilliant marketing move was to dangle the prospect of a dinner with the Republican presidential nominee in order to motivate people to donate. But what he’s actually offering is not a one-on-one sit down meeting, but rather a ticket to a fundraising event at which Trump will appear.

“So sleazy. It’s genius,” writes Total Frat Move.  “This might be the first Trump ‘supporter’ that Donald actually respects.”

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