Maryland One of Two States with Voter Rolls That Are “Vulnerable to Hackers”

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I love it when Maryland gets mentioned in the New York Times, except when it’s to point out that our convenient online voter registration system is (almost uniquely) vulnerable to shenanigans. All the information one needs to log in to the system is publicly available for sale — name, date of birth, address, party affiliation.

According to critics of the system, “a program that could change tens of thousands of voter records at once, they say, would require only a dozen lines of code.” And that could result in voters not receiving their registration cards, and being directed to the wrong polling place.

Of course, Maryland is pretty darn blue. So if large numbers of voters report getting the run-around at their polling place and we end up awarding our electors to Che Geuvara or Mickey Mouse — or anyone other than Obama — we’ll know something’s up.


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