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College Park is Mulling Whether to Let Undocumented Residents Vote in Local Elections


During a time of heightened crackdowns on undocumented immigration with orders emanating from D.C., the Beltway community of College Park, Md., is weighing whether to open up the voting process to non-citizens.

Trump Called Rep. Elijah Cummings to Talk About Drug Pricing After MSNBC Spot

Courtesy MSNBC

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings and President Donald Trump have few things in common, ideologically speaking. However, one issue that they appear to agree on is that egregiously high prescription drug prices are a rotten component of the American health care system.

Maryland Records Lowest Voter Turnout Mark in At Least Three Decades



A lesson learned about voter turnout numbers from this election: Don’t believe the hype from early voting.

As Maryland Goes Blue, America Opts for Trump


Trump Acceptance Speech

Last night, while Maryland voters predictably went almost entirely with Democrats in their picks for Congress, America went down a different path. In an astonishing outcome, conservative voters from across the country picked Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House and kept the Senate and House under Republican control.

Morning Issues Slow Baltimore Voters’ Roll at Some Polling Places


Maryland Voting

Long lines and malfunctions hindered the the kickoff to Election Day at several of Baltimore’s polling stations.

Marilyn Mosby Tweets, Then Deletes Pic from Ballot Box

Screenshot from Justin Fenton/The Baltimore Sun
Screenshot from Justin Fenton/The Baltimore Sun

It looks like Baltimore’s top prosecutor didn’t heed our advice from earlier this morning on the rules for ballot selfies in Maryland.

“Can I Take a Selfie at the Polls Today?” And Other Election Day Questions

Courtesy Maryland Board of Elections
A few early voters snap a selfie, Courtesy Maryland Board of Elections

When it’s all said and done, the most important questions looming over today are about who will lead the free world and craft new laws for your city, state and country. However, Election Day isn’t always straightforward, especially if you’re stuck at work late, have children to supervise or are an overeager user of social media.

Eager Marylanders Set Record for Turnout on First Day of Early Voting

Courtesy Mayor SRB/Twitter
Courtesy Mayor SRB/Twitter

Citizens around Baltimore and the rest of the state are clearly excited to get to the polls this election season. State officials say a record 125,914 voters showed up for day one of early voting yesterday.

Maryland Unveils Online Voting Machines for the Blind



New voting machines equipped with Braille will allow vision-impaired Marylanders to vote without assistance this year, satisfying a federal court mandate.

City Still Trying to Hire Polling Judges for Election Day


2016 election

Two weeks from next Tuesday, eligible Americans will pick the next leader of the free world, as well as new senators, representatives and mayors, among others. Here in Baltimore, the City Board of Elections still needs judges at polling places around the city to make sure the process goes smoothly.