Maryland Senate Ready to Let Pit Bull Legislation Die, Compromise Too “Difficult”

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Remember that Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that determined pit bulls to be “inherently dangerous” and that would hold pit bull owners and landlords to much stricter liability in dog bites, you know the one that threatens to flood animal shelters and increase evictions? Well the General Assembly would love to help by passing non-breed-specific legislation that removes landlord liability, but it looks like it would actually be kind of hard to do.

After the House and Senate passed conflicting versions of the bill (like they do), Senate President Thomas “My-Parents-Named-Me-out-of-Order” V. Mike Miller said, “It will be difficult to come up with a compromise on dogs.” And I guess for the General Assembly “difficult” means “impossible.”  Miller predicts the legislation will go nowhere; the bills will not go to a conference committee to be reconciled.

Unfortunately for pit bull owners in Maryland, the state legislature’s inability to complete a “difficult” task could result in them being evicted from their apartments or needlessly giving up their dog.

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