Maryland Town Hears Mysterious Booms

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Residents of Cheverly don’t know where a series of loud booms are coming from, but they know they’re not just hearing things.

According to NBC4, residents of the Prince George’s County town have been hearing the booms for decades. One resident keeps track of them on a calendar.

They’re such a fact of life that the Mayor Mike Callahan was ready to spin them as, “one of our amazing little mysteries that drive us closer together.”

Of course, there are also conspiracy theories. One says they’re a secret escape tunnel from Washington D.C. that’s under construction. Coast to Coast AM weighed in.

Some have been explained, such as a 2012 boom that was theorized to be from Fedex Stadium fireworks. A $2,500 reward was offered to anyone who could verify the source for sure.

Now, scientists are helping out. University of Maryland seismologists are set to help study exactly where the booms are coming from. It’ll be good for the townspeople to know. But on some level, it’s also nice to know there’s a little mystery left in the world.

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