Maryland University Eliminates Textbooks

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Textbooks are heavy and expensive and often out-of-date. It’s no wonder, then, that one Maryland university is taking the bold step of eliminating textbooks in favor of online materials as a way to save students money.

The confusingly named University of Maryland University College already offers most of its classes online anyway, so the decision to go fully textbook-free was a natural one. Vice Provost Karen Van Dam estimated that the move will save students thousands of dollars over the course of their college careers.

While other schools have begun increasingly favoring free online materials, UMUC is among the first to make a sweeping, school-wide decision to ditch the textbooks. I’m sure their students (and their students’ backs) are grateful.

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  1. Good economics for the students and a great “green” effort for our State. I can’t tell you how many college books I tossed. Who is really going to purchase them at a used book store after a couple of years?

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