This weekend, the Carroll County Farm Museum was host to the 30th Annual Maryland Wine Festival.  This is a festival that’s grown exponentially over the past decade, as Maryland has seen a boom in the number of wineries.  With more than 40 participating wineries, 2 stages, and 100 craft vendors, the party was non-stop. Most impressive mention of all was the quality of wines coming from our region.


Wine workshops were held, educating on the wine making process and how to appreciate what MD can offer.


These fine men were representing the MD Grape Grower’s Association, and offered samples of some of Maryland’s most popular varietals.


Aside from the great bands that had many a small feet tapping, kids had plenty of room to run and play.

The Premier Tent, which sells out every year, offers premium wines produced by our locals, as well as gourmet food to compliment.


Great Frogs Winery was on hand to represent Annapolis.


Dragonfly Farms was new to the festival, offering a very popular sangria, and a unique current wine that was full bodied and not too sweet.


Running Hare from Calvery County offered a full line up of award winning wines, including a lip smacking Malbec.


Orchid Cellar, well known for their innovative blend of meads, also produces a wonderful Merlot- with a hint of cherry, vanilla, and a little oak.  Surprisingly well balanced, this 2011 is sure to get even better with age.


Each region of Maryland produces wine with a unique voice.  From the Eastern Shore, Piedmont Region, to the hills of Western Maryland, our wineries are working together to achieve national (and even international) status.  Make some time this fall to tour each region and experience each distinctive mark.

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