Marylanders are Open-Minded, Neurotic, and Disagreeable, Says Study

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Welcome to Maryland, home of the tolerant and neurotic: How does that sound for a new state motto? According to Time Magazine, a recent study out of the U.K. claims that different regions in the United States have different personalities. In the northeast, people are “temperamental and uninhibited”; in the midwest, they’re “friendly and conventional,” and along the west coast they’re “relaxed and creative.” There’s even a 10-question personality quiz that informs you as to which state fits your personality best. (I got Oregon. You?)

While any study claiming to make broad generalizations about populations should be taken with a grain of salt, there are some undeniably true trends here. For example, the least agreeable place in the U.S.? Washington, DC. (I think after the last few weeks we can all agree that that one is accurate.) The least open state in the nation is, unsurprisingly, North Dakota. The most extroverted people live in Wisconsin, while the most introverted state was Vermont. Texans will no doubt be horrified to hear that they closely resemble New Englanders, personality wise. There are plenty more fun results available for your perusal here.

As far as Maryland, our top marks are in openness (14th in the nation) and neuroticism (22nd). We rank near the bottom of the list in terms of conscientiousness (45th), extraversion (44th), and agreeableness (44th). In other words, we’re tolerant neurotics who are kind of grouchy, unreliable and don’t particularly enjoy spending time with other people. Sound accurate to you?

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