Courtesy Citybizlist – When Fred Hicks, a board game developer in Silver Spring, decided to publish a pulp adventure trilogy featuring psychic dinosaurs,  flying jet men and talking gorillas, he didn’t go to a bank for the money. Instead,  he launched a fundraising campaign that quickly became the highest-earning project from Maryland on Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

“We  hit all of our funding targets for the whole trilogy in the first sixty  hours of the campaign,” Hicks said. He raised roughly $40,000 over the remainder of his 30-day Kickstarter campaign – eight times his funding goal of $5,000.

Since  debuting in 2009, Kickstarter has revolutionized the way people fund creative projects like movies, video games, dance performances and books. Measured by traffic, it is by far the largest creative crowdfunding portal in the world, according to Quantcast, a Web analysis  firm.

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