Maryland’s Most Dangerous City is…Elkton

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Movoto's depiction of Baltimore crime.
Movoto’s depiction of Baltimore crime.

Baltimore is used to ranking high on lists that point out “dangerous” and “deadly” cities in the country. In a list of Maryland’s most dangerous cities to live, then, it may seem like Baltimore would seem destined for the top spot. But that’s not the case.

Movoto’s list of “Most Dangerous Places in Maryland” ranks Baltimore no. 2. Top prize? Cecil County’s own Elkton.

“Given that Elkton had the sixth most murders and third most violent crimes per 100,000 people, it’s easy to see why it ranked No. 1 on our list,” writes Movoto’s Laura Allan. The site used FBI stats from 2012 to compile their rankings.

Meanwhile, Baltimore gets off with a picture of a guy streaking at Camden Yards (above), and stats that we have the eighth highest property crime, and the seventh most total crime. Baltimore ranks higher when it comes to murders and robberies, of course.

Last year, Ocean City was ranked the most dangerous place to live in the Land of Pleasant Living, with Elkton and Baltimore rounding out the Top 3. So, Baltimore did move up a spot, but still isn’t number 1.


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