Maryland’s Mega Millionaire: Here’s What We Do and Do Not Know

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McDonald’s Manager Mirlande Wilson held a press conference yesterday, where she said nothing to substantiate her claim that she holds the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket sold from a Baltimore County 7-Eleven. All we really got was her new lawyer, Edward Smith Jr, saying he’s not sure that the ticket exists, and he’s never even asked his client.But I don’t blame her for wasting everyone’s time with an almost informationless press coference. If you ever are in a position to call a press conference, I say go ahead and do it. It’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here’s what we know:

–She still hasn’t produced the ticket. She claims its hidden in the Milford Mill McDonald’s where she works. Legally she has six months to claim her portion of the prize, which would amount to $105 million.

–She claims with certainty that she possesses the winning ticket, despite her strange back-pedalling in the New York Post: “I don’t know if I won. Some of the numbers were familiar. I recognized some of [them].” (What?!)

15 co-workers participated in a lottery pool with Wilson, and expect the winnings to be split 16 ways. According to Wilson, the winning ticket was one she bought for herself outside of the pool. (Hmmmm.) She says there are photocopies of all the pool tickets (but if that were true, why would her colleagues have reason to doubt her story?).

–A winning ticket was definitely sold in Maryland. But the 7-Eleven security footage depicting the purchase of the winning ticket doesn’t show Wilson, but instead shows a man. Wilson claims that one of her co-workers bought the ticket for her.

Oh, and if anyone stops by the Milford Mill McDonald’s for a burger, let me know what it’s like to be served fast food by 15 people expecting soon to become multi-millionaires.

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