What Should Maryland’s New License Plates Look Like?

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Now that we’ve made it through the star-spangled War of 1812 anniversary celebrations, we can move on with our lives. Case in point: The current  Maryland license plate– you know, the busy-looking red and blue one with the bombs bursting in air and all that — is due to expire in just a few short months, according to the MVA. This look has been standard-issue to anyone being issued new plates since 2010. So what comes next?

The safe bet is that we’ll revert to the classic cursive-font-and-Maryland-flag look:md2010classK


But folks over at Reddit have some interesting ideas about what a total plate redesign might look like. Don’t Rain on Me? An eye-scrambling Maryland flag taking up the entire plate? Intriguing. Readers: any thoughts?

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  1. Ibe always thought the entire plate should by the MD flag. The star spangled plate is a joke. It looks like a 2 year old drew it. My vote always will be our awesome flag!

    • I respectfully disagree. I love the War of 1812 plate and I think it shows our history quite well. The standard issue one is boring, and a plate ensconced in the Maryland flag would be tacky. I vote for a plate with a Maryland blue crab on it.

  2. How about a giant hand held out in the open to represent the all the handouts that so many get and the money the state gets from its representatives? I happen to think it would be very fitting.

  3. We need a need slogan best sums up our confused collective cultural identity
    “nec non ab aquilone ad meridian”
    not north nor south

  4. love it – as a license plate collector (living in Fla. – where our redesign contest turned to disaster), I would welcome something more real and graphic. Take a look at the different Mexico license plates being issued – now that is design heaven!

  5. Unfortunately, I was told today, by the DMV, that the 1812 plates will not be discontinued–and will remain standard issue, permanently. 🙁
    The B&W plate was a clean/elegant design.

    • I was told in February 2016 that a new general issue plate is forthcoming. I objected to having to pay extra to avoid the standard plate which glorifies war. While the War of 1812 is of historical significance, do we really have to highlight a historical dispute with Britain and Canada, two of our closest allies, on millions of license plates? The MVA was kind enough to waive the fees on a Cheasapeake Bay plate after they told me it would be unlawful to cover ‘war of 1812’ with a county pride sticker.

  6. I’d like them to bring back the 1910, yellow with black lettering, plates… They ran for a quick moment, then ended… They were different and nice!!!

    • I like to as well what they could do is make it another standard issue plate with a no-cost option like example
      If you want regular plates you can either get the war of 1812 plates or the Black on yellow plates

  7. The War Of 1812 plates are far nicer than the ugly impotent looking white on black with the Maryland crest look. The Blue Herron plates aren’t bad and should remain an option.

  8. Absolutely in favor of the new license plate design “Celebrating Maryland Native plants and Pollinators” currently under consideration by the Maryland General Assembly March 10th. Am a member of the Montgomery County Master Gardeners and the Herb Society of America.
    Yesterday I gave a talk to the Mason-Dixon Chapter of the American Rhododenron Society – we are all concerned about our state’s ecological health.

  9. The White with Black and state seal is the most classic, clean, elegant and most readable. (goes with everything!;)) All these other picture plates are sooo tacky! The first Treasure the Chesapeake plates with the Heron in the center were nice as well, but now there are all these ugly colored backgrounds. They look terrible! Make it stop… bring back the classic!

    • IMO the real classic is the 1910 yellow with black lettering. Makes me mad the retro plate came and went before most people, including me, realized it was available.

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