The best ghost towns may be west of the Mississippi, but that doesn’t mean that Maryland doesn’t have its very own spooky/abandoned spots. According to the experts at, there are ten such haunted, empty places in Maryland. Although many of them are more along the lines of “spooky abandoned military base from the 1980s!” instead of “spooky abandoned prospectors village from the 19th century!” we still think they count. Explore at your own risk!
+Glenn Dale Hospital, near Bowie. What’s spookier than an abandoned, on-the-edge-of-collapse, asbestos-filled former mental hospital? Not much. Entering is strictly illegal and unsafe, but judging from all the amazing photographs floating around the internet, clearly some people have taken that risk.

+Harmony Grove, near Frederick. This small town died off in the 1960s after its mill and post office closed. According to, “All that remains is the railroad tracks, a few homes, and the Spring Bank Inn. At the train tracks, the remains of an old siding are still present, and in the weeds a few foundations can still be seen.”

+Kempton, near the West Virginia border. This Western Maryland town isn’t quite abandoned — a few families still live there — but it’s a far cry from its former 500-strong population. A former coal-mining town, Kempton was abandoned when the coal miners ran into the water table and accidentally flooded the town. Look for an old cemetery and maybe, if you’re lucky, that abandoned mine shaft.

+Point Lookout, in St. Mary’s County. Most people go to the beach in the summer, but if ghosts are what you want, then fall is the best time to visit. Calling Point Lookout a ghost town is a bit of a stretch — is a state park — but it used to be a Confederate prison/hospital, which means it’s almost certainly haunted.

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  1. Iv been to glen dale and a few other old hospitals and places in maryland. Most of these places are ” off limits ” and they are very dangerous to enter and explore but if you are willing to go in be prepaired and take a buddy just in case somethign would go wrong.

  2. Point Lookout – Is just a beach and campground nothing really much. I have visited 2013 and 2014 be prepared to spend $5 to $10 bucks to visit. You have to pay to enter and to fish. You will have a better time exploring “Lorton Prison” in Lorton VA its much better an easy to access once you jump the 8foot fence.

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