Massive Turnover in the State Legislature Expected

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Courtesy Citybizlist – Massive turnover in the legislature is expected in the 2014 election, with at least a third of the 188 Maryland General Assembly seats changing, and as many as 50 members turning over in the House of Delegates alone.

Nowhere is the upheaval more dramatic than in Howard County, where two-thirds of its seats are up for grabs: two of three Senate seats and six of nine delegate seats.

These changes have already led to the announcement or filing of more candidates for Howard County legislative districts by non-incumbents than any other area in the state.

The election opportunities are so enticing that they have even drawn the serious interest of two former delegates, Republican Bob Flanagan, who represented Howard County in the House for 16 years, and Democrat Mike Gisriel, who hasn’t yet moved into District 12.

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