Matthew Porterfield Wows with Photo-Mosaic

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Matthew Porterfield is primarily known around Baltimore for his films. His first feature, Hamilton, which he wrote, directed and edited on 16mm film, was released in 2006. Metal Gods, his second feature script, won the Panasonic Digital Filmmaking Grand Prize at IFP’s 30th Annual Independent Film Week in 2008. You may remember the recent ado about his latest film, Putty Hill, which was much acclaimed and shot entirely in Baltimore.

His vivid and massive 72-photo installation, Days Are Golden Afterparty, is assembled from pictures taken with a cellphone, printed at 20″ x 30″ and hung in a grid. A video montage of many of the same photos plays on a television monitor.

Matthew Porterfield is the winner of the 2011 Sondheim Prize. His photo-installation is on exhibition at the BMA until August 7.

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