Baltimore Mayor’s Race: Warnock Tops Funding, Dixon Leads in Poll

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Money shotWe’re right around the corner from the deadline to register as a candidate in Baltimore’s mayoral race, but the filing date that passed this week may be just as important. At this point, the amount of money a candidate has doesn’t necessarily correlate with where they finish in the polls.

The big takeaway was that State Senator Catherine Pugh raised more money than former mayor Sheila Dixon. That’s a reverse of how the two candidates stood in the latest poll (more on that later). Pugh has a balance of about $664,000, while Dixon has about $320,000 onhand, the reports state. City Councilman Carl Stokes had about $155,000.

In the latest poll, Dixon still maintained a lead among voters who wanted to pick a side with 27 percent. Pugh had 18 percent, while Stokes had 14 percent, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Among the candidates in the single digits in the polls, it’s venture capitalist David Warnock who has the most cash onhand overall with about $927,000. He lent his campaign $950,000, and raised about $360,000 from outside contributors, reports state. Elizabeth Embry raised more in outside contributions with about $410,000, and has $394,000 onhand. City Councilman Nick Mosby has about $202,000 onhand.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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