Md. Man Exhibited Superhuman Strength While Resisting Arrest

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This is probably going to be one of those mysteries that goes forever unsolved. Nicholas Borum, 32, of Hagerstown was acquitted Tuesday of a slew of charges stemming from a struggle with police in July during which he “displayed immense strength.”

How immense is “immense”? Well, when police responded to a burglary-in-progress call in Hagerstown, they found Borum on the property “clenching his fists, breathing heavy, and not responding” to commands. The cops managed to handcuff him, but in the ensuing melee he took some 30 zaps from a stun gun without going down and eventually broke the cuffs before he was eventually forced into an ambulance. He was then administered a sedative, but “the shot did nothing.”

So far, attempts to account for Borum’s behavior and his Herculean strength have either been ruled out or can’t be confirmed. His blood-glucose levels were normal when tested shortly after the ordeal, and there was no evidence that he was voluntarily intoxicated. One emergency room doctor suggested that he may have been on bath salts or some other drug for which he was not tested. But the judge would only call it “a medical mystery.”

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