Maryland Rep. Andy Harris thinks that the media’s — as well as the country’s — fixation on the trial of George Zimmerman was outsize, and contributed to our missing out on “huge issues going on in the world.”  And that’s fine, except it seems to be willfully ignorant of what a huge issue the killing of Trayvon Martin is for so many Americans. (I mean, the proof’s in the pudding, right? People can’t stop talking about it because it’s meaningful to them, right?)

But he didn’t leave it at that. Wearing his lack of empathy on his sleeve, he followed up that statement with this one: “That’s the way the American law system works. Get over it.” Good. That’ll kick-start the healing process. I’m certain people will commence getting over it right away!

At a news conference, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called Harris’s remarks “unbelievably dismissive, callous, and out-of-touch.” That I agree with. She went on to “dare him to say that to Trayvon Martin’s parents.” I, for one, would not want to see that dare fulfilled.

3 replies on “Md. Rep. Andy Harris Tells Zimmerman Verdict Protesters to “Get Over It””

  1. The Affordable Care act is the law and Harris and his Republican colleagues can’t seem to “get over it”. I knife cuts both ways, Andy Baby.

  2. Wow – what a smug, insensitive thing to say. Regardless of the verdict, one young man is dead and another man’s life will never be the same. So sad. “Get over it” – let’s hope you feel that way when you lose your next election Dr. Harris.

  3. I haven’t seen much coverage in Baltimore of the recent incident in Baltimore City during which a group of youths beat a Hispanic man (pistol-whipped and kicked him in the head, once he was on the pavement) while yelling, “This is for Trayvon!”. Racism is big business for the media. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think Harris was suggesting that Trayvon’s parents “get over” the death of their son. Rather, I think he was calling for citizens to respect our judicial system — Zimmerman was tried for his crime and acquitted by a jury of his peers, based on the evidence presented at his trial.

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