Md. Says 23 Snow Plows Went Missing in Glen Burnie

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plowNearly two dozen snow plow blades were reported missing in Glen Burnie earlier this year. Four months after the case was first reported, it has yet to be solved.

After the Maryland Gazette asked about the case, the state’s highway administration issued a statement on the 23 missing snow removal tools saying the disappearance happened was first reported to police as a theft in June. Since then, the state has been cooperating with the investigation, but haven’t determined whether it was indeed a theft.

State officials said they made “personnel moves” after the discovery, but didn’t elaborate. The state also conducted an audit that found “long-standing issues with manual accounting and paperwork.”

With winter coming, they sought to ease worries that there were enough plows to take care of any snow we might see.

“MDOT wants to assure the public that they have more than enough snow plow blades and equipment to manage winter operations through the 2015/2016 season,” the statement said.


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