Md. Senate Overturns Hogan’s Veto of Felon Voting Rights Bill

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Like marijuana paraphernalia before it, a move by Gov. Larry Hogan to overturn a bill that granted the right to vote to convicted felons is set to go on the books, after all.

The Maryland Senate voted to overturn Hogan’s veto on Tuesday. Following a similar vote by the House of Delegates in January, it’s the final move required to override the veto. Both chambers are controlled by Democrats, while Hogan is a Republican.

The measure is estimated to return the right to vote to more than 40,000 people in the state.

Hogan vetoed the bills after last session. He argued¬†against granting people serving probation and parole the right to vote. After the vote, Change Maryland, which Hogan founded, posted the names of the senators who voted for the veto saying they ignored the public. “Only a tiny, radical minority supports this idea. But they did it anyway. They don’t seem to care what most Marylanders want,” Hogan wrote in his own post.



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