Mega Ships Will Soon Sail on Baltimore

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PortOfBaltimoreBaltimore’s harbor is already home to a super yacht this summer. As the original home of oversized vessels, the Port of Baltimore shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to supersized action.

Luckily, the Panama Canal is happy to help out. According to CBS Baltimore, the port is one of three on the East Coast that can accept mega-ships that will start shipping from the Panama Canal next month following a 10-year expansion.

Baltimore’s port has a 50-foot-deep channel, which is a requirement only Norfolk and Miami also meet. The ships are up to 235 ft. long. That means there is room for up to 14,000 containers, which means a lot of freight for workers to move around on the ground.

Along with signing on a giant shipping company a recently signed deal to receive more cars and for the next 30 years, it seems like the port may be the next area of Baltimore to see traffic in the near future.

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