Men Partied at Motel, Stole SUV Before Crashing NSA Gate

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Terrace Motel (via Panaramio)
Terrace Motel (via Panaramio)

The FBI identified the man who was killed at the entrance to Fort Meade on Tuesday as 27-year-old Ricky Shawatza Hall. Police also said the suspects were in a car that was stolen from a Howard County motel where they were partying before the incident.

The Bureau didn’t immediately release a cause of death, nor did they release any information answering the question that everyone seems to have: Why would two men try to crash the heavily guarded Fort Meade gate?

But here’s what we know:

Dressed as women, Hall and 20-year-old Kevin Fleming were picked up by a 60-year-old man around 7:30 a.m. The three then went to Terrace Motel in Elkridge to party. After an hour, Hall and Fleming left the room, and stole the man’s SUV, Howard County police said.

Around 9 a.m., the two turned up at the entrance to Fort Meade. They tried to enter the campus, which is home to NSA headquarters. An NSA police officer officer tried to stop them, but they ignored him. Barriers were then deployed. When the vehicle wouldn’t stop, NSA Police opened fire on it. The vehicle accelerated toward an NSA police car, and crashed into it.

Hall died on the scene, but the FBI won’t say whether he died from gunfire or the crash. Fleming is still undergoing treatment at Shock Trauma. A police officer also remained at the hospital Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the FBI confirmed the men were dressed as women, but “not in an attempt to disguise themselves from authorities.”

Court records indicate Hall lived in Baltimore City.



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  1. I am so glad
    That is what the bad guys get
    Hooray for the federal agents, and I hope that the agent is OK.
    This is why we pay taxes
    Thank God the good guys win.

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