Mexican, Indian Cuisine Throwdown + the Great Indian Jamboree! Food Travel Tour to India

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Let the Games Begin!

Three Baltimore women, all local business owners, Radhika Sule, Bertina Angeles and Martha Lucius, are rolling up their sleeves and getting into flavors and spices of India and Mexico.  Join them at their Cuisine Throwdown.  Buy your ticket now!  You’ll get an appetizer (Indian), two small entrees (one Mexican and one Indian) and one dessert (Mexican), with two beers at Peabody Heights Brewery.  At the end of the evening, vote for your favorite cuisine!
The idea for the Throwdown sprang up during Radhika and Martha’s planning of the Great Indian Jamboree, which is a trip to India in February 2017.  They’ll guide 15 Baltimore residents who want to travel to India (safely).  It’s also fulfilling their personal dream to share what makes India architecturally fascinating, satisfyingly tasty, and ridiculously welcoming!! Yes, there are still spots available.
It’s that old adage:  Think Locally, Act Globally.  See India’s architecture and taste many regional cuisines. It’s off-the-beaten-track, not the usual touristy stuff. The price is around $5,400, all inclusive, international airfare, stay at palace hotels, food (two meals a day) domestic travel in India and specialized activities. Come to the Throwdown, they’ll be sharing more details about the India trip there!

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