Middle School Robotics Leads Schoolwide Recycling Initiative

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The Middle School FLL Team #5946 revved up its Trash Trek season on Thursday, introducing its “Recycle Challenge” to the Upper School.   The Lower and Middle School presentations will follow next week.  The team is preparing for its January 16 Qualifier held at Boys’ Latin by educating the School community, preparing for Lego board play, and finalizing its campaign to improve reuse of items typically discarded at the dump.
Summary of the Recycling Challenge:
During the three days following Thanksgiving Break, members of the team calculated current recycling percentages by weight in the Student Commons.  Then, they sorted all trash from the facility, removed all recyclable items from standard trash, and calculated potential recycling.  For the Challenge, the North and South campuses are encouraged to reach a new recycling goal during the first three days after Holiday Break.

The presentation addressed three points to promote reducing waste in the Student Commons:

  • * the potential of increased recycling -> following current trends, by year’s end we will have discarded an elephant’s weight worth of recycling.
  • * the cost of discarded silverware, trays and cups -> by year’s end we will have accidentally discarded $269 worth of supplies
  • * the importance of extending the life of discarded uneaten whole and unopened packaged food -> while 33,000 Baltimore County children are food insecure, BL students discarded an average 10 lbs of extendable food per day – members encouraged students to bring excess food home or place in the “community box”

To view the presentation, click here.

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  1. The boys did a tremendous job of informing students & faculty of the trash produced from lunch and they did an even better job at challenging us to make a change for the better in the coming months!

  2. Members of the Middle School Robotics team gave a wonderful presentation to the Lower School boys at our assembly this morning. They are challenging the entire school to be more mindful of the items thrown away in the lunch room. Nice job guys … and good luck in the regional qualifier next month!

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