Mike Rowe Needs Your Help to Fix Baltimore’s Image

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Mike Rowe
via Facebook.

Baltimore’s own Mike Rowe, host of CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It and formerly of Discovery’s Dirty Jobs, has added his name to the list of people who’d like to rehabilitate the city’s image post-David Simon.

In a blog post published yesterday, Rowe explained that “the people in charge of nurturing Baltimore’s reputation as a destination city” have tapped him to help with a PR project called My Baltimore, which is intended to “remind the masses that there’s more to my hometown than heroin and gonorrhea.”

As it stands, My Baltimore’s budget only allows for print and radio spots. So Rowe has decided to take Somebody’s Gotta Do It to Baltimore to spend an episode showing the non-Wire side of the city. But he’s looking for suggestions of people to feature.

“Obviously, I’ve got some contacts back home, but I’d love to see what other suggestions might appear under this post,” he writes. “As always, I want to feature mostly anonymous people who love what they do — this time, in the great city of Baltimore. I’m hoping to put together an authentic hour that celebrates my hometown through the eyes of those who live there and ‘gotta do it.'”

To put in your two cents, visit Mike Rowe’s Facebook page.

[h/t] Baltimore Sun

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  1. Yes, there is more to Baltimore than heroin and gonorrhea…there’s statutory rape and domestic violence! Let’s not leave those out!

  2. I’m writing from Minnesota so have few connections in Baltimore. I recommend you feature someone at Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA). Baltimore is not seen as an arts community when in fact it has one of the best arts schools in the country and a vibrant arts scene.

  3. Visit the some of the more notable communities …. Each one has it’s own pride and charm. Pigtown, Federal Hill, Fells, Hamden, Canton, Little Italy, Mount Vernon, etc…

    Talk about sown of the unknown history – privateers in Fells, the first Cathedral in the US, the amazing healthcare brainiacs concentrated in one city, etc..

    And of course our loyalty to our sports teams, crabs and boh

  4. Atomic Books is a one of a kind and quintessentially Baltimore bookstore. There’s a wonderful art community in Baltimore. Loyola University of Maryland is among the top regional universities where a very high % of students do volunteer work for the community (it used to be over 90%- i don’t know what it is now). The National Aquarium in Baltimore is the most impressive aquarium I’ve ever seen. The Baltimore Grand Prix is pretty cool. I don’t think people outside of Baltimore realize the literary connection between the football team (Ravens) and Edgar Allan Poe. I think the largest employer in the city (maybe the State?) is JHU.

  5. It’s amazing to me that some people don’t appreciate the beauty and charm of Baltimore.. I’ve traveled the world and am always ecstatic to return home.. I didn’t grow up in Baltimore, but I love the friendliness, art scene, and waterfront exposure.

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