Missing Maryland Dog Found in Drainpipe–After a Year

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One Maryland family had a lot to be thankful this weekend, after their dog–which had been missing for more than a year–was discovered in a drainpipe in Bethesda.

Fox40 reports that a passerby walking his own dog discovered Cookie, a 30-pound Wheaten Terrier, wedged deep in a drainpipe. It took a rescue crew two hours to extract Cookie from his hiding place, using a firehose filled with compressed air. This was Cookie’s second brush with death–as a puppy, he had reportedly been rescued from a slaughterhouse in China.

According to a Facebook post, Cookie (who is also known as Mai Tai) is currently with a Wheaten Terrier rescue organization, awaiting placement in a foster home. If you’re in the market for a dog that kind of looks like an ewok, this may be your guy.

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    • I didn’t want to get too far into it in the post, b/c it’s all unconfirmed – but judging from the Wheaten Rescue FB page, there were threats made against the owner (!!?) and so it was decided (unclear by whom…) that the dog was better off being fostered elsewhere. Who knew there was so much drama in the Wheaten Terrier rescue world….!

  1. I do not get this story… if he was found why is he not back with his original family… why is he in a rescue shelter???

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