More Mega-Yachts Could Be Coming to Inner Harbor This Summer

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boattpainBaltimore is rich and redeveloping. But if you really want to bring the high rollers to town, yachts have to be part of the equation. And since we’re getting them anyway, let’s make sure they’re at least the size of rapper yachts. So, legislators in Annapolis rushed to craft an “emergency” bill that will make it easier for mega-yachts to dock in the harbor — starting this summer.

In case you were curious, mega-yachts measure more than 79 ft. Previously, the law required such pleasure vessels to have separate pilots come aboard to take the reins, and navigate the harbor waters. The legislation, captained by Senator John Astle, D-Annapolis, removes that requirement.

Baltimore Marine Centers, which operates five marinas around the harbor, was very happy that the bill sailed through the capitol. Noting that the company’s facilities are “specifically designed” for megayachts, the company released a statement saying that it would also help tourism.

“These vessels spend tens of thousands of dollars alone on one fuel bill, plus money on provisioning, local entertainment, tourism and repairs,” Sales Director Jessica Bowling said.

Removing all doubt, Gov. Larry Hogan signed the bill Tuesday.

h/t Baltimore Sun

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