I love Harbor East.  The Landmark, Sassanova, Cinghiale, Patrick Sutton and now the glistening new Four Seasons all have the power to bring my staid suburban self downtown on a regular basis. You’d think that would make me happy, but noooo! I want more! I want a destination where I can while away a full day with a little shopping, eating, drinking and onto more shopping. So far, Harbor East is more of a half-day kind of place. 

Changes are rife, however. We’ve already reported that Anthropologie is in Harbor East’s future. As excited as I am at the prospect of stocking up on mustard yellow day coats, I am delighted to learn there are more stores on the horizon.

We promised not to name names, but we hear that a certain preppy chain, known for its classic with a twist look (used to be in the Gallery at Harbor Place…how many more hints can I give you?) and a cosmetics store whose fans include RuPaul and Lady Gaga, are  very close to closing the deal on setting up shops there. 

I love what this development means for the future of Harbor East. It’s a stamp of approval that reads “viable retail market.” Hopefully, along with more national chains, it will attract smaller independent stores to round out the shopping landscape.

Now I can see the perfect downtown day-trip taking shape: a day of shopping ending in a makeup application for a big night out! Now if only there were a great hair salon too? (Wink, wink, we hear that’s in the works too.)

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  1. If you look closely on the glass, you will see the name J. Crew. Bring it on! We need more stores that carry mens clothes and accessories as well.

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