Cities tend to skew liberal in general, but some are more left-leaning than others. San Francisco (duh) is the most liberal city in the country, according to a new paper in the American Political Science Review. But what’s really interesting is the other cities on the list.

According to the ranking, here are the top 10 most liberal cities in the U.S.:

1. San Francisco
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Seattle
4. Oakland
5. Boston
6. Minneapolis
7. Detroit
8. New York City
9. Buffalo
10. Baltimore

Other self-identified bastions of liberalism like Portland and Austin ranked a little bit further down the list. (The data used was drawn from seven large-scale studies of more than 275,000 participants.) As a counterpart, here are the top 10 most conservative cities in the country:

1. Mesa, AZ
2. Oklahoma City
3. Virginia Beach
4. Colorado Springs
5. Jacksonville, FL
6. Arlington, TX
7. Omaha, NE
8. Tulsa, OK
9. Aurora, CO
10. Anchorage, AK