Move Over Bronies, an Even More Far-Out Gathering Is Coming to Baltimore

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I know that BronyCon gave us the voyeuristic delight of watching teens and twenty-somethings obsess over what is ostensibly a children’s show, but the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings, which takes over the Baltimore Convention Center starting Jan. 15, is actually more far out.

The “largest mathematics meeting in the world” will gather many of the planet’s greatest abstract thinkers for an absolutely epic brain-fest. The conference is full up on talks with titles delightfully mystifying to the uninitiated, such as “The Finite Steinhaus Problem,” “The Complexity of Transcendence Bases in Computable Ordered Fields,” and “Noetherian Properties on Generalized Power Series Rings.”

The abstract for “Twist Knots and Thickenings” reads thus: “We will sketch a proof that any neighborhood of a positive twist knot Km with m > 3 and odd with extremal Euler number can be thickened to a standard neighborhood of a maximal Thurston-Bennequin number Legendrian representative of Km. In particular, we will investigate the restrictions on the twist number and on the neighborhoods which lead to open questions.”


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