Move Over Punxsutawney Phil, Baltimore Bill’s the New “It” Weather-Predictor (if there is such a thing)

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From the moment Baltimore Bill was spawned in the lower Chesapeake Bay, his parents knew he would be different. Unlike the other baby crabs hatched in early June, Bill is said to have raised a claw in the water, felt a warm current heading in the direction of Baltimore and headed off to make history.

After a little prodding by the folks at OLD BAY and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Bill will predict tomorrow whether we are in for a warm fall or early winter by walking off a crab plank in the Inner Harbor — to the left means a warm fall, to the right means an early winter — and plunging back into the Chesapeake until he makes another appearance. Larry Collmus, official Preakness/Triple Crown caller and Baltimore native, will provide a play-by-play of Baltimore Bill’s prediction at the Light Street Pavilion in the Innter Harbor at 10:30 a.m.  (We’ll post a picture of the new Baltimore celebrity tomorrow.)

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