Image via the Waterfront Partnership’s website.
Image via the Waterfront Partnership’s website.

Mr. Trash Wheel is racking up beers like dumpsters of trash that he pulls from the Jones Falls.

A third beer inspired by his exploits, Mr. Trash Wheel’s Solar Power Sour, brewed in a partnership with Peabody Heights Brewery and the trash wheel’s operators at the Waterfront Partnership, is due out in the spring.

It’s described in a release as “a gose brewed with salt, coriander, lemon peel and sweet orange peel.”

Edward O’Keefe, director of marketing at Peabody Heights, says it’s “tart but not overwhelming.”

Fans and beer enthusiasts can get a first taste at Mr. Trash Wheel’s 5th birthday party, what’s being called the Classy Trashy Birthday Bashy, at the brewery in Abell. A portion of proceeds will go to the Waterfront Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Initiative.

Tickets, which are on sale now, include all-you-can-drink beer, trash wheel-themed games, live music and a food truck on site. Attendees are encouraged to dress classy and trashy, i.e. like the solar-powered, googly-eyed, trash-gathering wheel.

Previously, the brewery and nonprofit have teamed up on the immensely popular Mr. Trash Wheel’s Lost Python Ale in 2017 and Professor Trash Wheel’s Blinded Me Wit Science in 2018.

“The Mr. Trash Wheel family has a lot to celebrate,” Adam Lindquist, director of the Healthy Harbor Initiative, said in a statement. “With five years of churning under his belt, Mr. Trash Wheel has amassed an incredibly dedicated fan base, which has helped to spread Healthy Harbor’s mission and bring Baltimore’s trash issue into the public eye.”

As Lindquist noted, a crushed can of the Lost Python Ale recently ended up in Mr. Trash Wheel’s bounty of rubbish.

“[A]nd let’s just say, he wasn’t thrilled about it,” said Lindquist. “Healthy Harbor encourages everyone to drink responsibly and that includes recycling, too.”

Mr. Trash Wheel’s Solar Power Sour will be on tap and available for sale by the six-pack and case at the brewery starting on the day of the party.

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