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Mr. Trash Wheel’s secret society recruiting third pledge class of environmental stewards

The Order of the Wheel is recruiting its third pledge class. Image via Mr. Trash Wheel Instagram.

The Order of the Wheel has emerged once again to recruit new pledges dedicated to protecting local waterways and the environment, the Waterfront Partnership announced Monday.

The not-so-secret society, which was formed in 2018 in the name of Baltimore’s beloved Mr. Trash Wheel and his fellow garbage-gobbling, water-dwelling, googly-eyed friends, is recruiting members for its third pledge class.

Baltimost: Mr. Trash Wheel

Photo by Chesapeake Bay Program, via Flickr

Mr. Trash Wheel

Goofy, animatronic and flaunting a savvy social media presence, Mr. Trash Wheel has artfully straddled the line between humorous advocacy and practical cleanup for Baltimore's harbor for five years now.

The solar-powered, dumpster-bellied robot is the brainchild of John Kellett, founder of Pasadena-based Clearwater Mills. Since deploying at the mouth of the Jones Falls in the Inner Harbor in May 2014, Mr. Trash Wheel has collected more than 1,100 tons of trash from the water, including some 10.6 million cigarette butts, over 612,000 grocery bags, almost 9,000 glass bottles and two beer kegs, the most recent data say.

"Unfortunately it does seem like anything and everything eventually finds its way into Mr. Trash Wheel," says Adam Lindquist of the Healthy Harbor Initiative, which owns and operates the machine.

The trash wheel has earned his own cult following--some are quite devoted--and multiple signature beers along the way, and has inspired a whole family of the devices from Clearwater Mills. There are now two others in Baltimore, Professor Trash Wheel and Captain Trash Wheel (and another planned for the mouth of the Gwynns Falls), plus a sibling coming soon out west in Newport Beach, California.

As impressive as the floating trash-collecting machines are, it would be foolish to think these alone could fully and constantly purge the litter amassing in the harbor. That blame lies with us humans.

That's the inherent appeal to Mr. Trash Wheel and his growing family, Lindquist says: Their presence reminds devoted fans that all of their litter will inevitably end up in local waterways if they don't properly dispose of it. "That is to me, almost more valuable than taking trash out--promoting behavior change."

Still, Mr. Trash Wheel has proven to be an impressive, innovative fix.

"I think this is the most viable technological solution to ocean plastics," Lindquist says. "It's certainly not the ultimate solution, right? We need to be making and consuming less plastic. But Mr. Trash Wheel is really at a sweet spot for where you can pick up trash in the most economical way."

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Mr. Trash Wheel is getting his third beer, and a Classy Trashy Birthday Bashy

Image via the Waterfront Partnership’s website.

Mr. Trash Wheel is racking up beers like dumpsters of trash that he pulls from the Jones Falls.

A third beer inspired by his exploits, Mr. Trash Wheel’s Solar Power Sour, brewed in a partnership with Peabody Heights Brewery and the trash wheel’s operators at the Waterfront Partnership, is due out in the spring.

In a twist, Mr. Trash Wheel collects a beer can featuring his likeness

Image via Mr. Trash Wheel’s Twitter.

The circle is complete. In a kind of funny, kind of sad bit of irony, Mr. Trash Wheel, the googly-eyed trash-collecting vessel at the mouth of the Jones Falls, gobbled up a beer can with his very own likeness on the label.

Baltimore’s trash wheels are getting their very own festival, with food trucks and lots of beer

Flyer via Healthy Harbor Initiative

The cult dedicated to Baltimore’s premier floating, garbage-eating machines will likely grow this fall, with a planned fan festival offering all-you-can-drink beer, food trucks and art inspired by the two web-savvy harbor cleaners.

The cult of worship surrounding Mr. Trash Wheel is now an actual cult (sort of)

Image via Twitter.

By replicating a weathered scroll as a JPEG on the internet, the Waterfront Partnership today announced that the Order of the Wheel will be taking on new pledges for the first time in a thousand years.

You Can Help Name Baltimore’s Third Trash Wheel

Professor Trash Wheel. Photo via Healthy Harbor Initiative/Waterfront Partnership.

State officials are giving the public an opportunity to help name the next member of Baltimore’s growing trash wheel fleet.

Mr. and Professor Trash Wheel Reappear on Reddit for Earth Day

Logo via Mr. Trash Wheel/Twitter

Today is Earth Day, which was enough of an occasion to get Baltimore’s two trash-eating celebrities back at the computer keyboard to answer questions from strangers online.

Hot Plate: Sagamore Spirit Distillery Opens, New Owner at Holy Crepe, Outdoor Events at Boathouse & Wit & Wisdom

Holy Crepe Cafe in Canton has a new owner and plans for a new menu and hours.

Get ready, Baltimore food lovers: this coming week offers a ton of events, from Baltimore Cocktail Week classes to the opening of a brand new distillery. Here’s a look at what local restaurants, bars and organizations have to offer over the next few days:

Peabody Heights Brewery Creates a Beer for Mr. Trash Wheel

Logo via Peabody Heights Brewery/Healthy Harbor Initiative

The infamous python found wrapped up in Mr. Trash Wheel in summer of 2015 has returned on a new beer from Baltimore’s own Peabody Heights Brewery.