Musician Thomas Dolby’s Vintage “Time Capsule” Trailer” Up for Auction

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The new Sandlot dining and entertainment venue at Harbor Point may have a vintage Airstream trailer as one of its attractions, but music lovers now have a chance to own something even more exotic.

Musician Thomas Dolby, well known for composing “She Blinded Me with Science” and “Hyperactive!” in the 1980s and now a member of the Johns Hopkins University faculty, modified a Camp Inn 560 Classic Steampunk “teardrop trailer” for his use on concert tours around the country several years ago, before he moved to Baltimore.

Dolby, whose real name is Thomas Morgan Robertson, called his trailer the Thomas Dolby Time Capsule, in honor of his 2012 Time Capsule Tour.  He put his name on the outside along with a saying: “Send A Message to the Future.”

Dolby has put the trailer for sale on Ebay. According to the listing, the trailer has been “highly customized in a steampunk or ‘Burning Man’ style,” with decals promoting the Time Capsule tour; a H G Wells Victorian interior including custom upholstery and red velvet curtains; a video camera; loudspeakers; video screen; a laser ‘death ray’ gun; a wind-powered generator and roof-mounted steampunk sculptures.

Other features include a MIDI keyboard, 200 CDs, spare drum heads, and 100 Thomas Dolby t-shirts in various sizes.

“I am selling this vehicle, with great reluctance, due to the fact that it has outstayed its welcome in its current location in Northern CA!” Dolby said in a message with the listing. “I have decided to donate the proceeds of the sale to charity (less five percent for selling agents.)”

Seller notes with the listing say the vehicle is in “generally good roadworthy condition.” Equipment and features such as the video camera, screen, loudspeakers, automated editing script, and wi-fi connections “all need testing but were functional last time they were used in 2012,” Dolby states.

The trailer was built in 2011, has traveled about 20,000 miles and sleeps two, and the 560 model on which it is based sells for $21,090 new, according to the auction listing (the current high bid is $7,400).  Dolby’s trailer is in Half Moon Bay, California and will be available for inspection on June 24 by prospective buyers who make an appointment.

Bidding will end on June 24 at 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Ed Gunts

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