My Baltimore Heroes of 2013

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A lot of absurd and ridiculous things went down in Baltimore this year — but a lot of encouraging, awesome, or otherwise inspirational things happened, too — sometimes in the most surprising places. When I looked back over our posts for 2013, here are the Baltimoreans who inspired me most:

+The Charles Village residents who attempted to single-handedly take on Baltimore’s biggest aesthetic menace:  the man-woman statue.

+The brains behind West Baltimore’s floating isolation tank — an unlikely spot for an unforgettable experience.

+The Ravens, duh. For so many reasons. And Ravens fans, of course.

+Corollary: Everyone besides Ray Lewis working hard at the Squirrel Dance.

+The Baltimore County dad who made national news by getting arrested for speaking out against the Common Core.

+Bizarro SRB. If only she were real!

+Spike Gjerde — even if his restaurant isn’t getting rave reviews, he’s sure not being lazy.

+The Baltimore Pie Man. Proof that you don’t need to win a reality TV show to be a local pastry icon.

+John Waters always, forever.

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