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My Baltimore Heroes of 2013



A lot of absurd and ridiculous things went down in Baltimore this year — but a lot of encouraging, awesome, or otherwise inspirational things happened, too — sometimes in the most surprising places. When I looked back over our posts for 2013, here are the Baltimoreans who inspired me most:

+The Charles Village residents who attempted to single-handedly take on Baltimore’s biggest aesthetic menace:  the man-woman statue.

+The brains behind West Baltimore’s floating isolation tank — an unlikely spot for an unforgettable experience.

+The Ravens, duh. For so many reasons. And Ravens fans, of course.

Baltimore’s Heroes of 2012


It wasn’t all scandal and outrage in Baltimore this year; there were also plenty of amazing folks doing amazing things — and ordinary folks doing amazing things, too. From science prodigies to singing princesses to the police officer who adopted a “dangerous” dog, here are our Baltimore heroes of 2012:


Charlie and Kevin Hillery paraplegic


Charlie, the 10-year-old Calvert School fifth grader, who returned Midshipman Kevin Hillery’s hat following the traditional toss at the Naval Academy commencement ceremony.




 Jaylon Simpson (on the right), the undefeated champion of  the Baltimore Kids Chess League’s citywide tournament.