My closet is now one of my favorite rooms. I love the well organized rows, the hangers all at a certain angle. The smell of everything clean and in it’s place. It’s well curated, well loved and ALL WORN. This wasn’t always the case.

Although my closet has been organized there used to be section that was filled with unworn clothes. This section was comprised of items that weren’t quite right, maybe a little too snug, maybe a bit too short, maybe only with some alteration, or maybe it was just a  great sale. There was an amazing skirt and top I bought that would have been perfect but it was see thru, I realized too late. (Too late to return but not late enough to be mortified) Then there was the little black dress, which was exactly that, little, as in too little for my body. I never wore any of these clothes. They hung there neatly but taunting me none the less.

They were my “motivation” clothes, my carrot at the end of the stick. I reasoned that keeping these clothes would inspire me to stay at the gym a little longer, decline the cookie, eat kale. I was certain that one day these “Motivation clothes” would be perfect, so I held on. One day in a moment of frustration finding something to wear, it occurred to me that seeing these clothes every day in my closet was not motivation. It was discouraging and holding me back. Instead of focusing on the things that I felt great in and fit well I was derailed by clothes that I never should have purchased in the first place.

Organized or not there was no need for me to hold on to these clothes. I consigned them all and I’m sure for someone else they were great finds. (Well maybe not the see thru outfit, but hey to each their own) I got rid of the carrot at the end of the stick and instead left behind clothes that fit, that were comfortable, that I liked how I looked when I wore them.

It is important to feel great in your clothes. Don’t let that carrot become an anchor. Getting dressed should be painless and enjoyable, you should love your closet!  And as for the healthy decisions in life isn’t it enough already with kale?

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