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My Carrot On The End of The Stick Was Actually An Anchor (The Burden of ‘Motivational Clothes’)



carrotMy closet is now one of my favorite rooms. I love the well organized rows, the hangers all at a certain angle.

Daughter Dearest: Reflections of an Organizing Wonk


Joan Crawford

I’ve been an organizer since I came out of the womb. It’s part of my DNA. It’s innate. It’s my sixth sense.

But What About the Stuff? Organizing Your Memorabilia



For weeks now I have spoken about organization, de-cluttering, and letting go of the excess. I don’t like mess or unorganized spaces because it makes me feel stressed and unsettled. I don’t have an area of my home that is messy, not even a junk drawer, but I do still have “stuff”.

Pick a Corner Any Corner – Organization Tips From Ashley Ingraham

Before: A Teenage Girl’s room gone awry.
Before: A Teenage Girl’s room gone awry.

Sometimes a space gets overrun. It happens in everyone’s home at some point, even to the most organized of people.

Setting the Stage – Preparing Your Home to Go on the Market

'After' Staging Playroom
‘After’ Staging Playroom

Preparing your home to go on the market is an exhausting and emotional process. I’ve been there and done that. Five years ago I put my home on the market in 10 days time all with a 2 year old by my side. I weeded and mulched, sorted and packed and cried. It wasn’t pretty.

Proprietor: Ashley Ingraham of Home Perspective, LLC

Photo Credit: Beverly Funkhouser Photography

Earlier this year, Ingraham called on her prior experience and her natural organizational abilities to start Home Perspective, a business focusing on professional organizing, home staging and moving assistance.