Daughter Dearest: Reflections of an Organizing Wonk

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Joan Crawford

I’ve been an organizer since I came out of the womb. It’s part of my DNA. It’s innate. It’s my sixth sense. I relish a well-organized closet and a chance to purge and present my clothes better. I was no different as a small child, you’ve never seen plastic food in a play kitchen better organized in your life! My stuffed animals were lined up at attention as if General Patton were coming for an inspection. Joan Crawford would have called me Daughter Dearest, and for the record she is right, wire hangers are terrible!

I remember the Saturday mornings, once in the Fall and again each Spring, spent going through our clothes’ closets with my mother and younger sister. We had to try on everything to see what still fit, post growth spurt, what became a hand-me-down for my sister or what was passed off to another family. It brought me great satisfaction to hang the clothes back up or fold them away in a drawer.

Now many seasons past I still adore a well-organized closet and time spent purging and accessing my clothes. Organization calms me, makes me aware of what I have and what I don’t need, reminds me of a favorite shirt that may have been pushed by the wayside or the belt that fell in the back of a closet and is wrestling a dust bunny. Most importantly it makes me mindful and grateful for what I have and reminds me that it is already more than I need. I’m pretty sure that Joan Crawford could have given a damn about my mindful shopping habits, but my closet hanger organization system would have made her weak at the knees.

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