Need something good to watch to fill the hours? Support local guys telling a Baltimore story in ‘4.5 Stars’, a local YouTube series featuring Baltimore comics and local bands.
The five-episode series tells the real-life story of series creator and star Archie Jamieson, who lived in “the laundry room of an Airbnb that ran a psychedelic magazine,” says director, comic, and co-star Joey Malinski.
The series features local bands like War on Women, RDGLDGRN, Thunder Club, God Sense Beats Ft. Eze Jackson. “I even had Mikey Powers, formerly of Sun Club, do a remake of “this must be the place” the Talking Heads cover to end the whole series,” says Malinski.
“We wanted to make a show that explored Archie’s real-life situation of living in the laundry room of an Airbnb that ran a psychedelic magazine. Each episode features a different guest, and we figured it would be a good way to get the most talented people we could find. We wanted it to be very Baltimore, but not what we are known for, and we wanted to mix in deeper meanings about life.
“Overall, we really just wanted to make content that we would watch,” he says.  Check out the entire series, here.
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