Baltimore is the nation’s 3rd-dirtiest city; Hampden is the 15th-hippest neighborhood. These seemingly random rankings gain heft and authority from the magic of numbers otherwise known as statistics. And now you, too, can benefit from the wonder of NEVER BEFORE SEEN statistics with the help of the smarties at (or what was once known as the Greater Baltimore Technology Council). And yes, the schedule includes time for both “schmoozing” and a burger bar.

Last month, we let you know about’s unWIREd, the un-conference/brainstorming session/hackathon that united folks from the city’s non-profit, tech, and education communities. UnWIREd was about generating ideas; this weekend’s Groundwork event emphasizes practical solutions and actual plans.

And, of course, data — not only census reports and health information, but also “data from the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Maryland that has never been released publicly prior to the event.” Participants will work together to come up with data-driven tools and projects, and will compete for Baltimore-themed prizes:  the Smith Island Cake Award (for the map/app/tool that integrates the most layers of data), the Formstone Award (for the most beautiful and useful data presentation), and the Ripken Prize (for the idea that most warrants long-term development).

So if you’re the type to get jazzed by open data, policy changes, real information, and crunchy analysis — you know who you are — you can find out more about (and register for) Groundwork here.