So there’s a new arts blog in town, creative ladies and gents. Sponsored by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, Baltimore Arts — launched in December — gathers all culturally relevant information from the larger BOPA site so that paint-stained and performance-art-making locals can easily I.D. cool job opportunities, studio spaces, calls for artists, educational programs, shows, etc.

“There’s also an opportunity for people to post pics and info about arts events, new work, etc. in ‘Art Seen’ on the blog,” explains Randi Vega, who serves as director of cultural affairs for BOPA. Find out how this blog aims to stake it Baltimore-centric claim on the interweb after the jump.

Click in and browse a bit — you’ll just now discover a repost pitching free classes in D.C. in grant application, video of “Autospa,” a “total mind and body experience” group project, intriguing art show news, a call for work at the Hamilton Arts Collective…more.

“Our hope is that the blog will be the ‘go to’ spot for both the latest happenings in the cultural community and a great source of information on all things BOPA, city programs of interest to artists and arts organizations, and opportunities for artists throughout the community,” Vega says.

The blog is managed by Krista Green, Kim Domanski, Rene Trevino, Jim Lucio, Emily Slaughter and Vega.  New information is posted every single day. It’s a nicely streamlined option for our city’s artists of ambition.

Also recommended: bmoreart, for thoughtful reviews, interviews, and event news.