Locust Point resident and artist Nicole Buchholz painted a new mural facing the Locust Point Community Garden. Photo by Kevin Lynch.

Locust Point resident Nicole Buchholz recently painted a new mural facing the Locust Point Community Garden at 1134 Hull St. The mural was painted on the side wall of the adjacent rowhome on the northern edge of the garden.

The Locust Point Community Garden is on a lot owned by Under Armour. It spans from Haubert St. to Hull St.

Under Armour started the garden five years ago for its employees to use, before Locust Point resident Dave Arndt started working with the company to manage the garden when Under Armour’s campus shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The garden, which now has 60 plots, has grown in recent years after 26 new plots were added last year. An additional 18 new plots are scheduled to be added next year.

Plots are available for free for Under Armour employees and Locust Point residents. Arndt said there is a list of about 30 people waiting to get a plot at the garden.

Along with gardening plots, the Locust Point Community Garden has beehives as well as common areas with plants such as sunflowers, lavender, and rosemary.

The garden is funded by Under Armour as well as grants from the Locust Point Civic Association (LPCA). Under Armour landscapes the garden and uses the dead plant material for composting.

Arndt hopes the community will still run the garden when Under Armour moves from Locust Point in the coming years.

Nicole Buchholz has already added murals to a house adjacent to Riverside Park and to the longhouse at Latrobe Park. She and Arndt thought it would be a “great idea” to add another mural to the Locust Point Community Garden.