New Poll to Gauge Opinion on Joe Flacco’s Eliteness

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Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.32.22 AMWith the first round of voting in the 2016 elections in the books, we’re back to relying on polls for info about public opinion. As they head back to the phones this week, one polling firm is endeavoring to settle a vexing question that has been around about as long as the 2016 campaign itself: Is Joe Flacco elite?

Public Policy Polling announced plans on Monday to take the nation’s temperature on the Ravens QB after the Iowa caucuses were complete.

Public Policy Polling doesn’t need a subject to be an election issue to take a poll. They have long conducted public opinion surveys on sports coaches and other matters. But just in case, there’s evidence that the issue has been inserted into the election.

Before the first Republican debate back in the summer, Twitter football All-Pro PFTCommenter held a sign behind Chris Matthews that read, “Is Joe Flacco a Elite Quarterback?” Being a polling constructionist, we advocate the question being asked in its original wording. Trump and O’Malley even weighed in.

The debate may never be settled, as a special election to decide the issue remains far-fetched. But at least we’ll have a separate baseline on the public mood outside of the Flaccometer.

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