Not to throw fuel on the fire of the burgeoning “class war” we’ve been hearing so much about as of late, but a recent study revealed that there is a correlation between wealth and ethics. Turns out the richer you are the less ethical you tend to behave.

Members of the upper class who participated in the study were signficantly more likely to lie, cheat, and cut people off on the road. And there really isn’t much of a brightside to the findings. The very rich are even “more likely to literally take candy from a baby.”

The study’s lead author links the rich’s apparent propensity for unethical behavior to their “more favorable attitudes toward greed.” Yikes!

I like imagining warning my son about rich neighborhoods when he is a little older. “Asher,” I’ll say. “I don’t like you hanging around Mt. Washington so much. It just makes me nervous. I don’t want to generalize, but the kind of people that live up there, they’re just… they’re just less ethical, okay. I’m not prejudiced; it’s a scientific fact.”